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Camping without the Hullabaloo

  • Online peer-to-peer tent-lending marketplace.
  • Make money and rent out your tent, or save money and rent a tent!
  • Promotes outdoor life and camping to boost physical and mental health.
  • Committed to creating a more sustainable sharing, caring camping community.
  • Committed to reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

Join the sharing revolution! This spring, Tentshare is urging people to start making an income by renting their tents and camping equipment on the Tentshare platform.

Tentshare is an online peer-to-peer tent-lending marketplace – it works just like Airbnb, but for tents.

By hiring out tents, tent owners reduce the strain on the planet’s resources whilst making some cash. It all helps to promote a sustainable camping community, dedicated to reducing waste and overthrowing the single-use culture.

Tentshare customers get access to the camping trip of their dreams, without it costing the Earth.

Camping gear that is sitting idle in a garage or loft is a wasted resource – your tent can be reused and enjoyed!

If we all tackle this together, you can help to build the biggest national one-stop shop for sharing tents!

Tents to rent range from £7 to £100+ per night. Click on your location to find a tent near you.

Tentshare has launched a ‘Quick Tent Click’ button on its Tentshare homepage, where you can have a tent delivered to your doorstep (or to your campsite).

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