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MACK Squeaky Clean BioPod


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Squeaky clean
MACK Squeaky Clean BioPod


Product description

Washing machine and dishwasher cleaner in a handy BioPod (just add water).

This lemon-scented washing machine and dishwasher BioPod is designed to give your dishwasher and washing machines an internal.

Enzymes and bacteria operate on a molecular level, cleaning and ingesting grease and grime while at the same time giving pipes a clean.

Each pack contains two BioPods – one for each machine.

Directions: Simply pop into your empty dishwasher or washing machine, run a wash cycle and let Squeaky Clean get to work. Use as part of your regular maintenance regime you domestic engineers! Squeaky Clean is completely biodegradable and harmless to everything.

Composition. Sugar, enzyme, precipitated silica, citrus oil. pH neutral.

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