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Published: 12 November 2020

This Article was Written by: Jarvis Smith - My Green Pod

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Our world is changing faster than ever: systems are breaking down, technology is advancing and social and political structures are being pulled apart and reconstructed.

Some changes are for the better – and some are destructive and catastrophic.

Each one of us has a purpose to make some change, in a way that will help to make this world a better place.

How do you find that purpose to do things differently and create the change you want to see?

Live your purpose

Join Jo Wood and Jarvis Smith for a thrilling talk on how we can find our true inner purpose and create intent for the planet and the community in which we live.

How can you live your life more authentically and consciously?

Jo and Jarvis will discuss how you can use your own skills to mitigate the climate crisis, how can you use your personal skill set to do good and how you can live your purpose.

If you are already a leader, how can you be more courageous and driven to make effective change? If you are lost in how to make change, this will be the workshop for you.

Join this safe, collaborative online workshop and learn how to do things differently, while staying connected to your own inner calling. 

The event will take place on Tuesday 17 November, 19:30 – 20:45. 

Click here to book tickets to this online event through Eventbrite.

A new breed of workshop

The Be The Alchemy series is a new breed of workshop. Each event will start with a 40-minute conversation between two experts; during this conversation, a question will be raised on a particular topic.

This question will then be presented to all participants, who will be sent out into breakout groups for 15 minutes to discuss. This will allow people to make connections with fellow change-makers and use diverse thinking to make a change.

All participants will be pulled back into the main session to create an Alchemy Manifesto; all of the groups will participate in an action plan on how they can take action in their lives or in their community.

These events are all about taking action and transforming the world that we live in.

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