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Cocktails for World Bee Day

8 cocktails we would lose in a world without bees – and how you can help our pollinators
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Cocktails for World Bee Day

Bees are critical pollinators for much of what we eat. 75% of our global crops rely on insect pollination – that’s one out of every three mouthfuls of food.

But did you know that most of your favourite drinks would also be nonexistent if bees became extinct? 

For World Bee Day (20 May 2021), planet-positive calvados brand Avallen – a My Green Pod Hero and P.E.A. Award winner – has put together the top tipples that we would be without if our winged warriors were to go extinct.


That’s right. The deliciously refreshing Mojito would be off the menu in a bee-less world. Forget about the mint – and the lime, for that matter! A rum on the rocks might be a safe bet, but if you fancy something sweet you’ll be disappointed without our pollinators.

Did you know that the agave plant, the most vital ingredient for tequila, relies on insect pollination? This means if the bees die out, so does tequila – and forget about that squeeze of fresh lime! 


A moment of silence for the caffeine lovers: a world without bees means a world without the flowering coffee plant. That means no coffee beans, no coffee – and certainly no espresso martinis.


Fancy an ice-cold strawberry daiquiri to cool down in the summer? Think again. If the pollinators go extinct, there will be no more juicy strawberries around. In fact, no berries of any kind at all. Glass of crushed ice, anyone?


Brace yourselves, because this one might sting a little. Bumblebees, carpenter bees and solitary bees are all essential for the production of the tropical passion fruit – and in turn, for breathing life into the iconic Pornstar Martini.


Picture a jug of sangria. Now take away the berries, the mint, the oranges and, erm, orange juice. It’s looking pretty bland. Oh and forget about the wine, too, since grapes also rely on pollination to speed up the production process in the vineyards. You might be waiting a while for your pitcher… 


We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if our beloved bees don’t exist, then neither does one of the world’s biggest commodities: chocolate. Say goodbye to your cosy Christmas tipple, because boozy hot chocolates are out of stock. Forever.

Last, but by no means least, is the Delicious Sour. Without the bees there would be no apple trees – which means no apples, no calvados and no Delicious Sour cocktails. 

Support our bees

But fear not, because Avallen says there’s still time to take action before we permanently remove our favourite cocktails from the menu. 

Tim Etherington-Judge, the the planet-positive calvados brand’s co-founder, said: ‘As Sir David Attenborough recently highlighted, we are living through a period of  catastrophic species loss. But we can still make a change if we all act fast and move towards a more biodiverse world, together.’

‘As citizens of the planet, we can all take little steps to bee friendly – from planting wildflowers in our gardens or on our window ledges to not using pesticides. You can also donate to organisations and charities that champion the protection of bees, the restoration of their habitats and the ban of harmful neonicotinoids.

‘Alternatively, you can support brands that do this for you, like Avallen. At every point of our production process, we ask ourselves ‘is this the most viable sustainable way we can make a delicious spirit?’ We chose apples as our raw materials because apple trees are insect-pollinated, so they rely on and equally support a diverse population of bee species and other pollinators. We’re also a partner with 1% for the Planet, via whom we donate to the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust. So when you drink with Avallen, you’re supporting the bees too!’

Avallen co-founder

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