66% of Lancashire residents oppose fracking in their local area

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Published: 3 July 2017

This Article was Written by: Katie Hill - My Green Pod


Two years after Lancashire County Council rejected a fracking planning application – a decision that was overturned by central government – a new poll reveals 66% of Lancashire residents are opposed to fracking within five miles of where they live.

Unwanted and unsafe

The YouGov survey of Lancashire residents, commissioned by Friends of the Earth, reveals that over half (54%) of respondents still believe fracking to be unsafe, despite long-term efforts from the industry to sell the controversial process to the county. 66% say they are concerned about the impact of fracking on Lancashire’s natural environment.

Almost three-quarters (73%) of the people polled think Lancashire County Council should have the final say on fracking applications.

‘Lancashire residents already know that fracking is unwanted, not just here but anywhere in the country where fracking is proposed. But the extent to which this industry has failed to win over the public is undeniable.’

Friends of the Earth North West campaigner

Given the extent of public opposition in Lancashire and the risks of fracking, Friends of the Earth is calling on the government to implement an immediate ban on all fracking and invest in renewable energy and jobs to put us on par with countries like Germany.


This July, as Cuadrilla gets closer to drilling, Reclaim the Power is joining the frontline struggle in Lancashire to support and reinforce the amazing local resistance – and everyone’s invited!

If 100 people attend these family-friendly events the site must be closed down. Click here for more.

‘overwhelming opposition’

Last week France announced it will stop granting oil and gas licenses for exploration as the country transitions towards an energy system that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels.

In contrast, the Conservative party is isolated in the political drive to frack in England: it’s are the only major UK party to support fracking. The Tory manifesto goes as far as making proposals to weaken local decision-making in relation to fracking.

‘There is overwhelming opposition to fracking from Sussex to Lancashire. The list of countries banning fracking grows all the time, why should Lancashire just roll over and accept it? Instead of imposing an industry on communities, the government must let localism happen and prioritise clean, renewable energy that would cut carbon emissions and at the same time create tens of thousands of new jobs.’

Friends of the Earth North West campaigner

Click here to read the full results of Friends of the Earth’s YouGov survey.

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