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It’s Up to Us

Powerful children’s book about climate change adapted into new animation, narrated by Leona Lewis
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
It's Up to Us

‘Children have a unique curiosity for Nature and this planet we call home’.

So said the former Prince of Wales in his foreword to the animated adaptation of It’s Up to Us: A Children’s Terra Carta for Nature, People and Planet, which was recorded in early 2022.

The short animation, which premiers on the Ecoflix Channel worldwide on 07 April 2023, is a direct adaptation of the children’s book of the same name, which was released in November 2021. 

The animation is narrated by Leona Lewis, who donated her time and talent to the production because she wants to help this vital message to reach as many young people as possible.

Written by world history author Christopher Lloyd in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation, the animation also features beautiful illustrations by 33 artists from around the world.

From education to action

The story begins with a beautiful, lyrical and thought-provoking introduction to nature, moving on to the threats we face and finishing with an action plan for the future.

The featured artists come from all over the world – Iceland, North America, Europe, Kenya, Aboriginal Australia, Korea, Japan and China.

In this simple animation evoking the emotional connection between people, nature and the planet, Christopher Lloyd’s story shares the beauty of nature in harmony, explains how humans have thrown that harmony out of balance and asks young readers to join the dozens of major corporations who have signed the Terra Carta pledge for creating a more sustainable world.

‘The Prince’s Foundation was delighted to partner with What on Earth Publishing on It’s Up to Us and look forward to it reaching even more people through this new animated adaptation.

‘As a charity, sustainability is the common thread that runs through all of our work. We strive to find the best ways to help bring Nature, People and Planet back into balance and hope this story inspires children across the world to play their part.’

Executive director of The Prince’s Foundation

Ecoflix Education

Ecoflix is the first non-profit streaming platform dedicated to saving animals and the planet. 100% of Ecoflix membership fees are donated to its wildlife charities and non-profit partners, selected by Ecoflix members at checkout.

Ecoflix is also free to schools and educational institutions across the world.

It’s Up to Us will be part of Ecoflix Education, a programme provided to teachers with films and activities that support their teaching objectives related to the planet.

‘When we first read Christopher Lloyd’s amazing book, written in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation, we were excited by the many possibilities. It is one of the most educational and inspiring children’s books we have seen.

‘Without a moment’s thought, it was apparent to me that it would be even more impactful as a beautiful animation. Together, we can educate, inspire and encourage our children, the leaders of tomorrow, about how to take positive action every day. Working together we change our current trajectory, restore biodiversity and stabilise our planet. Nature needs us!’

Founder and CEO of Ecoflix,/strong>

Hope and possibility

It’s Up to Us: A Children’s Terra Carta for Nature, People and Planet will be available on the Ecoflix Channel, 07 April 2023 (running time 12 minutes).

It is an Ecoflix Media Limited production, directed by Jason Jameson (BUDDI), produced by Ecoflix Media Limited, a subsidiary of the Ecoflix Foundation UK, registered charity number 1200441, and animated for Ecoflix by Unanico Studios, with music composed by Michael Richard Plowman (GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE).

‘Seeing this beautifully illustrated book come to life as an animation is just stunning. It’s Up to Us is all about imparting a sense of hope and possibility to young people and encouraging them to be the agents of change in the lives of the adults around them. The combination of Ecoflix’s vision and skill in adapting the book for the screen with the power of the artwork that tells the story through such a diverse cultural lens is breath-taking.’

Author and CEO, What on Earth Publishing

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