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Nature-inspired kombucha

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and My Green Pod Hero launch kombucha inspired by nature
Nature-inspired kombucha

Premium drinks brand and My Green Pod Hero Equinox has teamed up with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and River Cottage to create four new flavours of the health drink kombucha.

Packed with immunity-boosting antioxidants and probiotics, River Cottage by Equinox Kombucha will strike a chord with increasingly health-conscious Brits. 

The raw, organic range of drinks has been carefully curated by Hugh and the team of alchemists at Equinox, who developed four unique flavour combinations based on natural and wild ingredients.

Healthier choices

Recent Mintel data show that more than half of US millennials already drink kombucha, and consumption of the fermented beverage is expected to grow by 209% in the UK as its popularity surges.  

Kombucha boasts a wealth of health benefits – mostly thanks to its high content of organic acids and living cultures, which can aid digestion, boost the healthy bacteria in our gut biome and help reduce inflammation.  

The fermented drink is also becoming a popular alternative to alcohol; it’s a low-sugar alternative for those nights off drinking, and supports the shift to sobriety as a long-term lifestyle choice.

Recent research commissioned by Equinox supports this, too – it found that since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, 39% of consumers are actively trying to make more healthy choices in their diet, and 19% are reducing their alcohol intake.

However only 18% of people surveyed have started to experiment with drinking more natural beverages – and that’s where kombucha comes in.  

‘I’ve been making my own kombucha and buying it too sometimes for a couple of years. As a very low sugar drink that is live and fermented it provides a natural pro-biotic boost for the gut biome, and I’m confident I’ve been feeling the benefits. And it’s great for taking nights off from drinking beer and cider – something I’m trying to do more often! 
‘The River Cottage range of kombuchas reflects my enthusiasm for this lovely fermented drink, and of course I wanted to use natural flavours both from the garden and the wild. The pandemic has given many of us time to reconnect with nature and to think about ways to improve our health and make positive choices with our food and drink.  I hope our kombuchas can play a small part in helping people to do just that.’

River Cottage

River Cottage Kombucha

Nature-inspired flavours

The new ‘Garden’ flavour is a light organic Camomile Tea based Kombucha with Rhubarb and a hint of Lovage. 

‘Hedge’ is a deep Organic Green Tea based Kombucha with Rosehip, Sloe and Juniper. 

‘Meadow’ is a vibrant brew of Organic Green Tea based Kombucha fermented with Dandelion and Nettle with a hint of Meadowsweet. 

‘Orchard’ combines Organic Green Tea based Kombucha with Plum, Apple & Quince. 

The Equinox brand is based in the quirky hill town of Hebden Bridge. It launched in 2012 when its founders first brewed the drink whist backpacking around Asia, and soon become advocates of its many qualities. Fast-forward to 2020 and Equinox is currently one of the UK market leaders for sustainable, ethical kombucha distribution.   
The drink is launching nationwide with Waitrose & Partners, Abel & Cole and online with Equinox on the week commencing 28 September, and will be sold in 275ml glass bottles (RRP £2.20 per bottle).

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