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What to expect from the destination dubbed a ‘wellbeing Center Parcs’
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
View across the pool inside the Avalon wellbeing centre at Broughton Sanctuary

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So much change is in the air. At the centre of what is breaking down and what is breaking through is the individual and their role in society, their family, their community and the world.

Broughton Sanctuary is at the forefront of the human response to global changes, and decoding how paradigm shifts can unlock collective potential and transformation. ‘That was a life-changing retreat’ is a common testimonial from those who have visited.

A history of healing

The UK’s leading retreat centre is a utopian venue; set within 3,000 acres of lush Yorkshire countryside, it’s an ideal space for transformative retreats, personal development and rest and recuperation. It’s a place that guides personal growth and helps people to avoid leading a life half-lived.

The site has evolved over the course of a fascinating and rich 1,000-year history that began in the 11th century with William the Conqueror.

Broughton’s custodians, the Tempest family, were persecuted for their Catholic faith with imprisonment, fines and death; at one stage Cromwell took the historic house by force.

The Tempests survived everything history threw at them, and today Broughton shines brighter than ever.

The Sanctuary’s location was no accident; it was built on ley lines, surrounded by remarkably beautiful countryside. Its power will not have been lost on the ancestors of current custodian Roger Tempest, who is now rediscovering that this place has huge potential to heal.

Today, after years of painstaking restoration, renovation and regeneration, Broughton Sanctuary is a jewel that offers a wealth of healing and life-enhancing experiences just waiting to be discovered.

Experiencing the Sanctuary

The retreats are not for the faint-hearted; guests should expect a deep, personal journey that leaves them changed. Retreats include Path of Love, Hoffman Process, Men without Masks, Bodhimaya, Elevation Barn, Balance Holidays and the Institute of Science and Consciousness.

This kind of transformational content requires the right facilities, which is where the Sanctuary excels. Avalon is the Sanctuary’s state-of-the-art wellbeing centre, complete with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a mediation pod, sauna, steam, therapeutic rooms and a range of spaces for retreat work. The centre neighbours Utopia, where plant-based foods are a high priority.

Guest accommodation is varied and curated to suit a range of budgets. 15 holiday cottages and houses have been set aside for retreat guests – all original and comfortable, with a mix of contemporary and historic architecture. For those looking for unrivalled first-class luxury, the main 1597 historic Hall is one the UK’s best-restored historic houses, with five-star comfort and facilities.

Wellbeing through nature

Some of the more surprising facilities on this historic Estate include wild swimming, a woodland sauna, fire temple, sweat lodge, moon baths and an outdoor amphitheatre.

Another surprise awaiting guests is that Broughton Sanctuary hosts a sizeable and increasingly respected nature recovery programme, underscoring the focus on inner and outer transformation.

Over the last two years nearly 300,000 trees have been planted on site, alongside environmental recovery measures such as flood prevention and regenerative farming. The Sanctuary is at the forefront of wellbeing through connection with nature.

Dubbed a ‘wellbeing Center Parcs’, Broughton is fast becoming a go-to destination in this era of transformation. In the words of Paris Ackrill, co-founder of Avalon: ‘We need to re learn that each person can change the world and be a force for good’ – and this is the place to do just that.

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