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The Regenerators

BBC Bitesize launches The Regenerators ahead of COP26 climate change conference
The Regenerators

BBC Bitesize has launched a new initiative to inspire five- to 16-year-olds across the UK to lead a greener lifestyle and thrive in a more sustainable world.
Ahead of COP26, the UN’s upcoming climate change conference in Glasgow, The Regenerators covers all aspects of sustainability, embracing science, technology, creativity, the natural world, practical action and influencing others.

Tools to make a difference

Whether at home or school, The Regenerators will equip young people with the knowledge and tools to understand the issues associated with climate change and how our collective actions can make a real difference.

Inspiring content will offer practical steps that give young people agency, enabling their voices to be heard and to drive the change they feel so passionate about.
The initiative is backed by broadcasters Konnie Huq, Cel Spellman and Dr Amir Khan, who front a number of the resources to encourage kids to make a change.

‘I’m passionate about the environment and sustainability and as a mum want to encourage my kids to care for the planet. I’ve made a number of lifestyle changes including no longer buying clothes. I’m not growing, and I’ve got so many I reuse those I have as much as possible. I drive an electric car and I pretty much only buy things if there is no other option.’



Lessons in sustainability

Through BBC Bitesize, The Regenerators will support primary school teachers to deliver lessons on the environment and sustainability.

A series of online resources, featuring videos, quizzes, activities and tips will cover key topics around climate change and the environment, allowing teachers to bring the best of the BBC’s content directly into the classroom.

The Regenerators is also working with partners across the science and environment sectors bringing expert insight directly to young people.

Live lesson on Science Day

On World Science Day, Wednesday 10 November, Naomi Wilkinson will present a Live Lesson.
Bitesize: The Regenerators – Climate Change Live Lesson is aimed at KS2 students and will broadcast live at 11.00 on CBBC and on the BBC Teach website.

This cross-curricular lesson will help children understand what climate change is, why it is happening and offer practical tips to help tackle it. From January, The Regenerators and BBC Teach will offer further Live Lessons in partnership with the Natural History Unit.

A hall of fame

The incredible achievements of young people across the UK working to drive change will also be celebrated.

In 2022, an online ‘Hall of Fame’ will be created to showcase the stories and the people that are helping to shape the future and inspire more young people to get involved.

‘We know our young audiences want to know more about the environment, the challenges we all face, the practical steps we can take and how they can empower themselves to make their voices heard. The Regenerators is an essential part of our long-term commitment to educate, inspire and celebrate the difference young people are making to create a more sustainable future.’

Director, BBC Children’s and Education

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