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Top 5 autumn switches 2021

Five simple switches that will set you up for a healthy autumn, plus our My Green Pod Heroes of the season!
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Top 5 September switches

This article first appeared in our ‘Why organic is the answer’ issue of My Green Pod Magazine, distributed with The Guardian on 03 September 2021. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

There’s a sustainable alternative to just about anything, and these five ethical products and services are simple switches that would make a big difference – and could save you some cash along the way.

1. A cleaner home

Switch to eco cleaning products like Delphis Eco Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Sanitiser to reduce the toxic load in your home and on the planet.

2. Natural beauty

In its centenary year, Weleda has won a Marie Claire Sustainability Award for Best Supply Chain Initiative. There has never been a better time to try this clean beauty pioneer’s gorgeous products! If you’re new to Weleda, give Skin Food a go.

3. Organic dairy

If you like dairy, make one of the simplest switches and go for Yeo Valley Organic milk. The family-run farm puts nature at the centre of its business, with a strong focus on soil health and biodiversity.

4. Get green energy

Switch your home to a renewable energy supply from Octopus Energy. As well as sleeping better at night, you’ll almost certainly be rewarded with cheaper energy bills.

5. Plant a tree

If you’re about to buy a product you don’t really need, you can satisfy your craving (and save some money) by putting it back and planting a tree with TreeSisters instead!

Top 5 autumn switches

Heroes of the season

Keep yourself, your home and your pets healthy – all while supporting wildlife and cutting your carbon footprint!

We’ve hand-picked this selection of My Green Pod Heroes to show you that conscious living doesn’t need to mean compromising on quality or luxury.

These superstar products and services are ethical alternatives from companies that are doing things differently. You may not have heard of all these green pearls, as they’re from companies that don’t necessarily spend their profits on mass advertising or negotiating the cut-rate bulk deals that would get them onto supermarket shelves.

We think that if you don’t know the real options, you don’t really get to choose. Click here to view our full range of My Green Pod Hero products and services, in sectors ranging from Money and Energy to Health and Beauty.


Award-winning loose-leaf peppermint tea in a recyclable and reusable cardboard tube, with a home-compostable inner bag.

Click here for more.


Lovingly created by a small, family-run producer based in Tulette, this organic oil will bring even the most basic meals to life.

Click here for more.


10% of profits from these bamboo hedgehog socks go to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Click here for more.


This ethical and sustainable insect-based food provides a complete and balanced meal for adult cats.

Click here for more.


A complete and balanced pet food that will help to reduce your dog’s carbon footprint! It combines nutritious insects with oats, potato, seaweed, herbs and botanicals.

Click here for more.

Click here to view the full collection of My Green Pod Hero products and services.

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