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Noble Leaf Revitalise English Peppermint Tea

A sustainable and award-winning loose-leaf peppermint tea

  • Award-winning loose-leaf peppermint tea
  • Vibrant and uplifting tea with a vibrant flavour and refreshing minty aftertaste
  • Grown in the UK on a family farm using slow, sustainable methods
  • Loose-leaf Black Mitcham peppermint, reintroduced to the UK three decades ago
  • Packed in a recyclable and reusable cardboard tube, with a home-compostable inner bag

The Noble Leaf Peppermint Tea, winner of a Great Taste Award, is vibrant, uplifting and grown in the UK.

Black Mitcham peppermint was native to the UK 100 years ago, and was reintroduced three decades ago.

Peppermint naturally loses its flavour when dried, so these leaves are infused with oil from the very same peppermint grown in the same fields, which results in an intensely crisp and vibrant flavour.

Noble Leaf is a passionate, independent tea company on a mission to build a conscious business that helps humanity return to wholeness through the world’s finest tea leaves.

All tea is sourced directly from Noble Leaf’s tea gardens, which helps ensure a great-tasting tea with high standards.

Noble Leaf prides itself on the company’s mindful approach to everything from how it sources and packs the tea to how its team works.

Enjoy this tea after mealtimes or at any time of day when you fancy a refreshing cup. This tea should be enjoyed without milk.

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