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Veggie Hotels

New book showcases the best vegan and vegetarian holiday spots around the world
Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat

Even with the loveliest hotel room and a beckoning pool, the perfect holiday can be spoiled when the restaurant forces you to make a meal out of side dishes.

For vegetarians and vegans, finding a hotel that suits their culinary lifestyle and ethical beliefs can still be quite a challenge. But there are outstanding alternatives out there, you just have to find them!

Dream destinations

Veggie Hotels – The Joy of Vegetarian Vacations, published by teNeues in October 2017, introduces the best hotels from the VeggieHotels and VeganWelcome websites with gorgeous photos and detailed information on each property’s special features – from cooking classes to yoga retreats.

It’s a unique collection of more than 60 vegetarian, vegan, and vegan-friendly hotels and bed & breakfasts from all over the world, made even more enticing by delicious recipes.

From vegan surfing camps to luxury hotels, from exclusive Ayurvedic retreats to simple mountain chalets, and from Tuscan country estates to holistic wellness resorts on Bali, the hotels presented in the book are dream destinations for fans of plant-based sustenance – and a whole lot more.

Secret Recipes revealed

They are also highly recommended for anyone interested in a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as sustainable travel. Top chefs reveal their secret recipes as well, so your culinary getaway can continue long after you’ve returned home.

Every hotel presented in this book is unique, with a history entirely its own and often built on an intensely personal dream. In every establishment, guests come to enjoy new, creative, vegetarian and vegan cuisines that will satisfy even the most selective gourmets.

It would make a perfect gift for anyone who cares as much about clean eating as they do about sustainable tourism.

VeggieHotels and VeganWelcome

In 2011, travel writers Karen Klein, Thomas Klein and Peter Haunert established VeggieHotels, the world’s first network of entirely vegetarian and vegan hotels and inns, which now includes far more than 500 establishments around the globe. They added VeganWelcome in 2015 as a hand-picked selection of particularly vegan-friendly hotels.

In addition to purely vegetarian-vegan hotels, more establishments are offering guests outstanding vegan cuisine alongside more conventional dishes, so in 2015 VeggieHotels’ founders responded to this trend by expanding the selection of vegan-friendly accommodation with another new website called VeganWelcome.

VeganWelcome shines a spotlight on wonderful places run with great love and enthusiasm that are paving the way for a kind of tourism based on ethical principles and sustainability.

Their success shows just how right they were: today, more than 300 hotels and inns in over 60 countries are VeggieHotels and VeganWelcome members. Guests at these establishments can savour new and creative vegetarian and vegan cuisine that will satisfy even the most jaded palate.

In recognition of its impact on ethical tourism, in 2017 VeggieHotels was recognised by the UK’s leading sustainability awards when it won the P.E.A. Award for Travel (Tourism). It has also won the PETA Progress Award for being the most animal-friendly hotel association.

Click here to find out why VeggieHotels is a MyGreenPod Hero.

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