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Find your tribe with WONDR

Find your tribe

A new online platform is connecting like-minded people so they can take action on things that matter to them.
Demand More

Demand more

The yoga mat that launched a movement for a global sisterhood.
Ethical business at Equinox

Ethical business

Equinox staff reveal how respect, support and ‘positive disruption’ make up the ethical DNA of their living company.
Conscious consumption

Conscious consumption

The Culinary Caveman explains why a cultural revolution is on its way.
TreeSisters partners planting in Nepal, ©EdenReforestation

Grow Your Own Forest

Help cool our world and join the movement to make giving back to nature a new normal.
Wrap yourself up this Christams

Wrap yourself up

Anya Hart Dyke is hitting shopping centres to encourage parents to consider giving their kids the gift of time.


Immersive Enlightenment Café production explores the stories of Climate Witnesses from around the world.
Very superstitious

Very superstitious

National Trust calls on the public to share their tales of the nation’s rich folklore amid growing interest.

Hope in Action

Unity-Spirit-Purpose event will explore how spiritual practice can help us to address existential crises.
Seeding the age of restoration

Seeding the age of restoration

Hope in action to regenerate the global forest.

Events 2019-2020

From talks on unity to organic drinks with your favourite eco warriors, here are some dates for your diary.
Jude Currivan, Photo by Park Sang Hoon

Spirited Business

Dr Jude Currivan explains the emerging business practice that is guided by intuitive insight, with a deep sense of planetary stewardship.
Shifting perspective with Sideshift

Redefining sustainability

In this free online summit, over 50 thought leaders will come together to help you act on global crises
Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Shifting perspective

Business leaders who say no to Amazon deforestation unite in free online summit.
Ayahuasca grows in the jungle

When Plants Dream

Ayahuasca, Amazonian shamanism and the global psychedelic renaissance.
Jarv's rules, spring '19_mygreenpod

Jarv’s rules, spring ’19

Jarvis Smith on the age of restoration.
Tallulah Rendall

Be the Change

New music video gives clarion call to prevent plastic pollution.
Campfire Convention

Campfire Convention

Help spark the change with this radical new form of social networking.
Inhabiting the gap

Inhabiting the gap

Clare Dubois on how a rebellion for love can lead to restoration.
Aerial shot of Black Rock City by Will Roger

Compass of the Ephemeral

‘Aerial Photography of Black Rock City through the Lens of Will Roger’ documents the historical and contemporary evolution of Burning Man.