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Jarv's rules, spring '19_mygreenpod

Jarv’s rules, spring ’19

Jarvis Smith on the age of restoration.
Tallulah Rendall

Be the Change

New music video gives clarion call to prevent plastic pollution.
Campfire Convention

Campfire Convention

Help spark the change with this radical new form of social networking.
Inhabiting the gap

Inhabiting the gap

Clare Dubois on how a rebellion for love can lead to restoration.
Aerial shot of Black Rock City by Will Roger

Compass of the Ephemeral

‘Aerial Photography of Black Rock City through the Lens of Will Roger’ documents the historical and contemporary evolution of Burning Man.
The science of a Whole World View

The science of a Whole World View

Dr Jude Currivan explains how the unity of reality can help us link up and lift up together to transform our world.
Yoga Camp 2019

Yoga Camp 2019

It's not quite a retreat, not quite a festival – but perfect for anyone who loves yoga, camping and food.
Satish Kumar

Elegant simplicity

New book by peace and environmental activist Satish Kumar sets out how – and why – we should all live more simply.
Jarv's rules: the green rush

Jarv’s rules: the green rush

A stampede to a newly discovered gold mine.

‘The Home of Halloween’

Our family trip to the Boyne Valley took a spooky turn as we explored the history of Ireland’s Ancient East.
Mindfulness and chronic pain

Mindfulness and chronic pain

Pooled data analysis shows mindfulness lessens the severity of chronic pain, plus its impact on daily life and the associated distress.
A new wellbeing frontier

A new wellbeing frontier

Dr William Bloom launches a revolutionary new approach to spirituality and health.
The Women's Circle

The Women’s Circle

World’s first digital women’s circle launches today.
How can individuals change the world?

How can individuals change the world?

At the People Powering Spirited Business event, ethical business pioneers were quizzed on love, daily practices, Trump and Brexit – all over a G&T.
Can we all say thank you to Donald Trump?

Jarv’s rules

Can we all say thank you to Donald Trump?
Jo Wood

The world as I see it

By Jo Wood.
Can olders become elders?

Can olders become elders?

Alan Heeks explores a new take on the traditional roles of elders.
The Culinary Caveman_mygreenpod

Introducing the Culinary Caveman

Chef, herbalist and author Karl Elliot-Gough introduces his new series of articles for
Down to Earth

Down to Earth UK launch

Award-winning documentary ‘Down to Earth’ to be released in UK cinemas in September.
Soprano Golda Schultz

Going for Golda

Gratitude, yoga and dance will prepare soprano Golda Schultz for her BBC Prom performance at the Royal Albert Hall.