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Ethical Consumer’s recommended clothes brands


Ethical Consumer has published a list of alternative clothes brands, as part of a special report on the fashion industry.

A year after Rana Plaza, the worst garment industry tragedy in history, Ethical Consumer has produced a list of 29 alternative clothes brands that are ‘good options for the ethical shopper.’ Each brand has been awarded a score out of 20, with People Tree organic cotton clothing topping the chart with 16 points. We were very pleased to see PEA Award-winning THTC feature in joint second place, with 15.5, for its organic and recycled clothing brands.

How it works

The ratings consider areas such as pollution and toxics, animal rights, workers’ rights, genetic engineering, company ethos, organic and fairtrade products and other sustainability features. You can customise the ratings to prioritise the environment, animals, people, politics or product sustainability on Ethical Consumer’s website, but the overall results are given below.

According to Ethical Consumer’s website, ‘People Tree is the stand-out Best Buy for Alternative Clothing as it’s the only brand that offers garments which are both Fairtrade and organic certified. It sells mens and womens clothing.

‘Fairtrade or organic certified garments from any of the other companies on this score table are Best Buys too.

‘All of the brands on this table are good options for the ethical shopper.

‘They are all available online and they all sell menswear apart from FAIR+True, Outsider, Annie Greenabelle, Nancy Dee, Nomads, Bibico and Lowie.’

The winners are…

1. People Tree organic cotton clothing: 16/20 [F,O] 2. Living Crafts clothes: 15.5/20 [O] = THTC organic clothing: 15.5/20
= THTC recycled clothing: 15.5/20
3. Braintree Organic Clothing: 15/20 [O] = FAIR+True clothes: 15/20 [F or S] = Outsider: 15/20 [O] = People Tree clothing: 15/20 [F]
Braintree Clothing: 14.5/20
= Cock & Bull Men’s Organic Clothing: 14.5/20 [O,S] = Greenfibres organic clothing: 14.5/20 [O] = Outsider: 14.5/20 [S] 5. Annie Greenabelle organic clothing: 13.5/20
= Greenfibres clothing: 13.5/20
= Nancy Dee Clothes: 13.5/20 [O] = Nancy Dee Upcycled Clothes: 13.5/20 [S] = Nomads organic clothing: 13.5/20 [O] = Nomads recycled clothing: 13.5/20 [S] = Sativa Bags clothing: 13.5/20
6. Komodo organic clothing: 13/20
7. Bamboo clothes: 12.5/20 [S] = Bibico Clothing: 12.5/20 (FT)
= Komodo clothing recycled content: 12.5/20
= Lowie organic clothing: 12.5/20 [O] = Lowie recycled cotton clothing: 12.5/20
= Nancy Dee Clothes: 12.5/20
= Nomads Clothing: 12.5/20
8. Komodo clothing: 12/20
9. Lowie clothing: 11.5/20


F: Fairtrade product
O: Organic product
S: Other sustainability features

To find out more about THTC, which placed joint second for its organic and recycled clothing, read our feature on Bringing hemp to the high street.

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