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Ethical gifts for autumn

Tree2MyDoor shares its top perfect presents for autumn birthdays and celebrations
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Can you believe that we are in November already?

It won’t be long before we’re counting down to Christmas, so now’s the time to make any loved ones who are celebrating birthdays feel extra special.

To help you find the perfect sustainable birthday gift for the Scorpio in your life, Tree2mydoor is back with another collection of fabulous gifts that will last.

1. For a zesty fragrance

The Orange Tree Gift, £73

The orange tree is a fabulous gift for the cooler autumn months, perfect for bringing life and
colour into the home.

This indoor tree keeps its colour throughout the year and even produces bounties of freshly grown oranges! It’s highly ornamental and its zesty fragrance is a welcome addition to the home.

2. For the sustainable chef

The Bay Tree Gift, £50

Know someone who is a dab hand in the kitchen? Then a Bay Tree gift is an exciting
addition to any amateur cook’s kitchen arsenal.

Gifting a living bay tree ensures that your loved one will never run out of bay leaves and removes the need for wasteful plastic packaging that can be found on supermarket-bought leaves.

This evergreen tree will keep its vibrant colour throughout autumn and winter and looks fabulous when placed on a patio or in a doorway, making it a very thoughtful gift for someone who already has it all.

3. For peace and love

The Olive Tree Gift, £39

For unparalleled style and a true statement piece in the home, an olive tree is a really
fabulous choice.

Evergreen in nature, olives traditionally represent peace and love, meaning that they are perfect in both symbolism and spirituality – ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or even memorials.

These hardy trees are incredibly easy to care for and produce olives in the autumn months.

4. For toasty toes

Bare Kind Save the Hedgehogs Bamboo Socks, £9.95

Autumn is for curling up on the sofa on cooler days, making the Bare Kind Save the
Hedgehogs socks an ideal gift.

Made from bamboo, these soft and comfy socks are naturally moisture-wicking and antibacterial. Plus your loved one can know that their gift has helped a worthwhile cause as 10% of profits from these socks go straight to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

5. For the foodie

Lagom Chef meal plans (various prices)

Looking for an experience gift that keeps on giving? Lagom Chef personalised meal plans will help your loved ones broaden their cooking horizons and reduce household food waste.

An ideal gift for someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary, your loved one will receive bespoke meal plans from everyday ingredients and learn how to create incredibly simple, healthy and sustainable meals.

Autumn gifts

Autumn is such an exciting time for spending time with friends, family and loved ones. To
create the sort of memories that last, we hope you have found something worth gifting.

If you’d like to see more, Tree2mydoor has created a top 10 unique gifts list. Plus, My Green Pod has a fabulous collection of Hero products that are perfect for gifting this November! View the range here.

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