Lagom Chef


My Green Pod Hero Product
  • Personalised meal plans
  • 2 plans: Transform and Balance
  • Access to 100’s of tutorials in the Lagom Academy
  • Help reduce household food waste
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With UK households throwing away 6.6 million tonnes of food every single year, it’s clear that there are some seriously bad habits that need breaking in order to banish food waste from our homes. With this firmly in mind, Martyn Odell has created Lagom Chef, a service that provides tailored meal plans and shares practical cooking skills, and is dedicated to championing creative, simple zero-waste cooking at home.

Lagom Chef provides bespoke, nutritionist-approved meal plans that are tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual. The two initial plan concepts are based around weekly menus of quick, simple recipes that use everyday ingredients in creative and sustainable ways. The Balance plan has been created to boost energy levels with nutritionally balanced meals while Transform helps drive sustainable weight loss, with both focused on getting the most out of ingredients in clever and creative ways – making it easier to save money as well as the planet!

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Complementing the meal plans is Lagom Chef’s Academy – in the form of a healthy amount of curated content including video tutorials and downloadable guides, that’s updated every week and expertly created to help people cook at home like a pro. From separating an egg to segmenting an orange (and even advice on the best way to organise a fridge), the Academy provides a friendly helping hand to sharpen home-cooking skills.

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