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How you can save the world

Remake of Swedish House Mafia track will raise funds for marginalised communities tackling the climate crisis
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
A young Maasai smiling at the camera in Tanzania

Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future MAPA (Most Affected People and Areas) movement is shining a light on the communities on the frontline of the climate crisis.

These people – from exploited areas and marginalised groups – are the least responsible for the climate emergency, yet they are suffering the most from its consequences.

Extreme weather, water scarcity and failing crops mean they are facing a daily fight for survival with very little support – until now.

Music can save the world

A new single, released today in partnership with Fridays For Future MAPA, will raise vital money for projects and individuals that need it most.  Each play will generate money for young MAPA activists who have already mobilised but need funds and awareness if they are to win the fight for their future.

Save the World is a re-make of the Swedish House Mafia track, sung by Jarvis Smith and featuring Rita Morar.

‘It’s disgusting that our young activists haven’t been given a voice at the most serious time in human history’, Jarvis says. ‘We are all now responsible for turning things round before it’s too late. We only have two critical years left to peak and reduce our carbon emissions; since world leaders are not acting on our behalf, we have to take back control!’

Jarvis created the world’s first sustainable recording contract in 2009, committing to actions that reduce emissions. Jarvis created Save The World specifically for Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future MAPA movement, working with the 2022 Initiative. Jarvis is donating 100% of the royalties to the Fridays For Future MAPA movement.

Click here to play Save The World (Jarvis Smith feat. Rita Morar) on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you listen to music – each play will raise money to make a difference.

Climate justice

The MAPA movement brings crucial conversations around climate justice and social justice to the climate crisis movement. MAPA includes all territories in the Global South – from Africa and Latin America to the Pacific Islands – as well as marginalised communities, such as BIPOC, women and LGBTQIA + people who live anywhere in the world.

Despite being unheard, unsupported and marginalised, young MAPA activists continue to push for change.

‘We don’t have any organisations supporting us – all of them don’t care’, said youth activist Nyombi Morris, Uganda. ‘We are doing this for the love of nature and humanity. Sometimes we run out of funds and resources to strike – even when we are arrested we don’t have immunity. It is risky but we keep trying because it is our future that is at stake.’

‘Grassroots activists are also absent from conversations in climate conferences because, let’s be honest, having access to the internet is a privilege’, said activist Fazeela Mubarak, Kenya. ‘I know some amazing grassroots activists who simply don’t have this privilege.’

A team of around 20 MAPA youths will attend Stockholm+50, an international meeting that marks the 50th anniversary since the first United Nations conference on the human environment took place in Stockholm.

Raise funds for MAPA

Save The World can be played on any digital music platform – such as Spotify, iTunes and Amazon. The music platforms and tech companies will pay the royalty for each play directly to the artist, meaning each play won’t carry any additional charge outside the cost of the subscription plan.

‘If we get a million people to play the song it will raise enough money to pay for internet access for 25 activists for the next 12 months, and 10 million streams will help 250 young activists giving them a voice at the most important time in history’, said Jarvis.

The re-released ‘Save The World’ is produced by Pete Hammond, who has contributed to over 140 hit records worldwide and worked with musicians such as Kylie Minogue to Sinitta.

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