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‘Make Earth Day Everyday’

Artists unite to inspire action for Earth Day 2023
Billboard in Times Square, featuring Bob and Eve artwork for Earth Day

Main image: billboard in Times Square, NYC featuring artwork by Bob and Eve

Since 1970, billions of people from more than 190 countries have come together every 22 April to call on individuals and governments alike to take action towards a greener, healthier future for our planet. But we all know one day or even one month is just not enough.

Le Good Society, a UK-based organisation committed to creating positive cultural shifts through arts and technology, has united a group of talented artists to inspire one and all to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable life – this Earth Day and every day.

A global art event

Titled ‘Make Earth Day Everyday’, the exhibition is being showcased across the globe – in New York’s  Times Square, London, Amsterdam and Singapore’s Ten Square – on large digital screens, where it will be viewed every day (until 30 April) by hundreds of thousands of people.

Artists involved include Dave Pollot, Supermundane, JOJO ABOT, Steven Wilson, Tia Grazette, Cory Van Lew, Dead Pixels Ghost Club, Tom Hodgkinson, i, Mila Lolli, Jasmina Zornic, Corinna Wilson and Sam J, plus the two winners of the Le Good Society & Hedera Earth Day Art Contest, Digitalgyoza and Vasinesco. 

Art for Earth

Launched in aid of Earth Day and during Earth Month, the goal of the outdoor art exhibition is to create awareness of environmental issues and inspire, educate, remind and motivate all who see it to take action towards a more sustainable way of living.

Supermundane’s illustration captures the core values of Earth Day by poetically encouraging one and all to ‘Do what you can. Take a stand. Make a change’ on a backdrop of coral and microscopic worlds.

Cory Van Lew paints a somewhat distraught and exasperated figure, maddened by the state of  the world and screaming at the top his voice, ‘Time to wake up’.

On the other hand, Steven Wilson puts the onus on the individual and businesses alike, by asking ‘What Future will you build’, while Bob and  Eve pays tribute to the late Vivienne Westwood by weaving her famous mantra, ‘Buy Less. Choose Well. Make it Last’ into a colourful wool piece for all to remember while out shopping.

‘We wanted to utilise the power of art to remind everyone that the actions they take everyday, no matter how small or big, can make a difference. We are all responsible for the state of the planet. Let’s raise our voices and take whatever actions we  can towards creating a better future for one and all.’ 

Le Good Society founder

Free digital art

In addition to the outdoor art exhibition, Le Good Society has released a free Earth Day digital art piece by illustrator Steven Wilson, titled ‘What Future’, to commemorate the exhibition and inspire action amongst its owners.

Distributed via the Sayl platform utilising the Hedera Network, this digital art work can be claimed via the Le Good Society website. It is a great piece of art to display and a great first digital asset for anyone.

Express Yourself, by Cory Van Lew
Express Yourself, by Cory Van Lew
Make a Difference, by Jasmina Zornic
Make a Difference, by Jasmina Zornic
Bleed, by Dave Pollot

‘Hedera is honoured to support the ‘Make Earth Day Everyday Art Exhibition’. With a sustainable  mindset at the heart of the network, nothing could be more important than heightening the conversation and awareness around the state of the planet this Earth Day. Hedera provides a platform for traditional artists and digital artists to showcase and create fair value exchange of their work, while aligning with  their environmental values.’

CMO of SwirldsLabs

Online art auction

Some of the original art featured will also be available to purchase on 19 and 20 April only via an  online auction with Hedera Sentient, where every $1 raised will plant one tree this Earth Month.

We all  know how good trees are for the planet and at this critical time it is more essential than ever to keep  planting them to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. 

The outdoor art exhibition runs until 31 April. Click here to find out more about the exhibition and the online auction19-20 April, and to claim your free Earth Day Digital Art.

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