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Demand clean energy from a brand you love and this new tool will help secure its commitment

Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod

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Published: 5 December 2015

This Article was Written by: Katie Hill - My Green Pod


A new initiative from Collectively – an organisation that unites millennial voices with mega-brands and influential change-makers to inspire sustainable living – will encourage people to connect directly with the brands they care about and ask them to deliver clean energy.

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Feel powerless and angry?

The project was inspired by new research that reveals the public mood about clean energy: it shows that two-thirds of us believe clean energy is a top priority of our time, yet the same number feel powerless to help – driving anger in one in three.

The research also highlights public concern about the impacts of reliance on dirty energy, with one in three worried that climate change would bring war and almost a fifth concerned it would exacerbate the refugee crisis.

There is also a frustration with the pace of change, with nine in ten feeling the negotiations at COP21 can’t deliver a clean energy future fast enough. Eight in ten people felt that more collaboration from businesses around the world is needed.

Securing commitments

The new project to come out of the research is a digital We Got Power tool that aggregates and amplifies public demand for clean energy and encourages the extended Collectively network of brands and organisations to match it with commitments.

Collectively helps organisations make a commitment suitable to their size and structure, directing them to one of the many initiatives that supports organisations to go clean.

People of all ages are being invited to get involved, though research found that the millennial generation, aged 24-35, feels most empowered to create a clean energy future themselves.

‘Collectively is all about people, brands, and change agents coming together to make sustainable living the new normal. The We Got Power tool, where you can push a ‘power’ button to add your voice, is a simple way for all the people who want clean energy to let our brand partners know about it. Together we can inspire more organisations to make more commitments to go clean. This is a true collaboration between people and brands to deliver clean energy change today.’

Will Gardner, CEO of Collectively

Brands of the future

The research showed that two-thirds of all people – and almost eight in ten 18-24s – prefer brands that have committed to a clean energy future.

Click the ‘Power’ button on the We Got Power tool to show your demand, and Collectively will aggregate and amplify your voice, encouraging organisations to respond with commitments.

‘This research shows just how important a future with clean air, clean cities and thriving nature is to consumers. It is vital that businesses take strong action now by embracing cleaner energy, those that do will become the businesses of the future. We need to build partnerships between business, universities and millennials to deliver this cleaner, better future.’

Marc Bolland, CEO of M&S, a Collectively partner

Click here to find out more about Collectively.

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