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Top 5 Spring Switches 2019

Five simple switches that will help you spring clean your lifestyle, plus our MyGreenPod Heroes of the Season
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
My Green Pod Heroes of the Season, spring '19

This article first appeared in our spring ’19 issue of MyGreenPod Magazine, The Organic Revolution, distributed with the Guardian on 31 May 2019. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

There’s a sustainable alternative to just about anything, and these five ethical products and services are simple switches that would make a big difference – and could save you some cash along the way.

1. Natural cleaning

Ditch the toxic household cleaning products and bring all the benefits of active botanicals into your home with the Tincture Starter Set.

2. Save your skin

Your skin absorbs what you put on it, so make sure you use natural products. To make it easier, all Weleda personal care products have been certified natural by NATRUE. Try Skin Food – it’s a real wonder balm.

3. Get green energy

Switch your home to a renewable energy supply from Octopus Energy. As well as sleeping better at night, you’ll almost certainly be rewarded with cheaper energy bills.

4. Eat less meat

Eat less meat of a higher quality. Rosewood Farm’s meat is a by-product of organically managed conservation grazing in the Yorkshire Ings.

5. Buy organic dairy

As ice cream season descends, make sure your dairy products are from farms with excellent animal welfare standards. Yeo Valley products are ‘100% Yeoganic’ – organic and then some. Try the Vanilla Ice Cream.

Top 5 spring Switches

Heroes of the season

It’s the perfect time to spring clean your lifestyle – ditch the products that are harming you and the planet and go for these beauties instead.

These superstar products and services are ethical alternatives from companies that are doing things differently. You may not have heard of all these green pearls, as they’re from companies that don’t necessarily spend their profits on mass advertising or negotiating the cut-rate bulk deals that would get them onto supermarket shelves.

We think that if you don’t know the real options, you don’t really get to choose. Click here to view our full range of MyGreenPod Hero products and services, in sectors ranging from money and energy to health and beauty.


These baby and toddler leggings are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, meaning you can trust it’s been grown and sewn without pesticides or harsh chemicals. It’s kinder and softer on your child’s delicate skin, as well as being better for the environment.


Introducing the first photo booth of its kind in the UK – ‘neigh’, the world! This solar-powered picture booth – a converted vintage horsebox – is perfect for events like weddings, birthdays, festivals and parties. Props come included – just bring your imagination!


The frames of these sunglasses are made from 100% recycled fishing nets intercepted from the ocean, and the lenses are of a quality usually reserved for high-end designer eyewear. Get 20% off Waterhaul’s Fitzroy (pictured) or Kynace with code GREEN20.


If your friends or family enjoy great organic food, live music, family fun and beautiful scenery, get them tickets to Valley Fest 2019. This small but perfectly formed festival (02-04 August 2019) takes place on an organic farm that overlooks a tranquil lake and rolling countryside. Packed with tractor-loads of entertainment, it’s the ethical eco-party of the year. There’s genuinely something for everyone – from great music and DJ sets to lazy lakeside vibes – all served up with top-notch food.


This uplifting and luxurious face oil has been designed to hydrate, nourish and support the regeneration of skin. You can send the amber glass bottles back to be recycled – and in return you get 25% off your next purchase!


This silken and smooth tofu contains just three ingredients: soya beans, spring water from Mount Fuji and nigari. It’s extremely versatile and high in protein.


Not one bean of this company’s coffee is roasted outside the developing nation that grew the coffee. Get a regular supply delivered to your office or buy a bag for anyone who enjoys speciality-grade coffee – either way you’ll be helping to ensure a fair distribution of profits along the coffee supply chain.


This 100% plant-based protein powder is great for your health, good for our planet, tastes incredible and delivers massive results. Vivo Life is switching to 100% home compostable packaging; support the shift by pledging as little as £12 on, and you’ll get some great discounts on products we know you’ll love.

Click here to view the full collection of MyGreenPod Hero products and services.

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