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Clearspring Organic Tofu

Extremely versatile, unique soft tofu, with a delicate taste & smooth texture

Clearspring Organic Tofu
  • Authentic Japanese Organic Silken & Smooth Tofu.
  • High in protein, low fat, gluten free and vegan.
  • Only three ingredients: soya beans, spring water from Mount Fuji and Nigari.
  • It is ambient and can be enjoyed straight from the carton.

Clearspring’s organic, protein-rich, low-fat tofu has the potential to change the way we view tofu in the UK. This organic, long-life tofu is made with just three ingredients: organic whole soya beans, spring water from Mount Fuji and Nigari.

Denser and richer than other soft tofu, it has a silky soft, smooth texture whilst maintaining firmness. It is very easy to use and tastes as good as fresh tofu.

Clearspring has always focused on developing new and innovative organic foods that combine tradition with convenience, economical production with ecological sustainability and quality without compromise. It took several years to develop this creamy, smooth, long-life organic tofu in line with these principles.

Ambient, high in protein, low fat and gluten free, it is the perfect vegan ingredient. Its unique and delicate taste make it perfect for a whole host of dishes. It can even be eaten straight from the carton.

Water, soya beans*(26%), firming agent: nigari (magnesium chloride).

*Organically grown
Product weight: 300g

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