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Not 1 Bean

Every bag of Not 1 Bean coffee is roasted in a developing country where the income & jobs are absolutely vital.

  • Roasted on the farm for maximum freshness and longevity
  • No increase in price compared with coffees of the same quality
  • Flown the day after roasting without sitting in warehouses or shipping ports
  • Farm workers raised out of poverty through extra income from roasting
  • Ethical and sustainable, ensuring a fair distribution of coffee chain profits

Enabling and paying the farmers to roast their own coffee not only raises the quality of the product but brings a real and sustainable income to them and their families. The unacceptable position of being restricted to manual labour in the fields is changed and they are taken out of the acute poverty they have to live in. By paying the same workers to roast their own coffee careers are created and coffee farming becomes a sustainable product across the developing world.

Not 1 Bean coffee will always be roasted in the developing world and will always be available through MyGreenPod at a substantial discount to the RRP. The coffee is flown the day after being roasted; it never sits in warehouses. This means that not only do farm workers earn much more than just a subsistence wage, but you the consumer receive the freshest possible coffee on the market anywhere.

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