The Little Horse Picture Booth is the UK’s only solar-powered horsebox photo booth

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  • Solar-powered vintage horsebox photo booth.
  • The only photo booth of its kind in the UK – ‘neigh’, the world!
  • Awesome fun for everyone, be you young or old.
  • The experience can be tailored to any event anywhere.
  • A beautiful mix of old and new brought together.

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Be it a birthday, wedding or festival, the aim is to make sure you have fun in a way that’s as eco-friendly as possible.

The horsebox and prints can be tailored to match your theme; a totally green ‘online’ package is also available.

The booth is a 1980s Bahill Horse Trailer purpose-converted into a photo booth, with the majority of the interior fit-out completed using recycled and upcycled materials.

It has been kitted out with modern technology including a hi-definition camera, interactive touchscreen and professional photo printer. You can choose between print, GIF, Boomerang and video modes, and share prints and GIF over email, SMS, Twitter and QR Codes. Branded print backgrounds can also be produced.

The booth is powered by a 280w solar panel, which sends electricity to the battery bank where it’s converted into mains power.

The Little Horse Picture Booth is completely ‘off grid’, meaning the unique experience can be brought to you anywhere in the country.

Ah… but does it work in the dark? Why yes, it does! Thanks to some ‘mad boffins with calculators’, The Little Horse Picture Booth can run on into the night.

Carbon emissions that result from bringing The Little Horse Picture Booth to you are offset by planting trees.

Dimensions: 4m x 2.5m
Weight: 450 kilos

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