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Fish4Ever Azores Quality Skipjack Tuna

Skipjack tuna caught entirely by pole and line in the Azores

Fish4Ever Azores Quality Skipjack Tuna
  • 100% pole-and-line caught tuna
  • From the world’s most sustainable tuna fishery
  • Fished by local, small boats with widespread ownership
  • Landed fresh for local production
  • Only certified organic cold-pressed olive oil is added

Fish4Ever Skipjack Tuna is caught entirely by pole and line in the Azores, with the highest standards in quality and sustainability.

Fish4Ever is ranked highest in the world for sustainable tuna fishing by Greenpeace, with an 89% pass rate, and by the UK’s Ethical Consumer.

By entering a code on the Fish4Ever website, you can trace each can to the boats that caught its contents.

Fish4Ever uses the shortest possible supply chain; packing takes place in the area the fish were caught and only certified organic ingredients are ever added.

Canned fish is one of nature’s superfoods and skipjack tuna is no exception; it’s rich in protein, B vitamins, selenium and vitamin A.

Quick and healthy meals couldn’t be easier – simply add to a fresh salad or rice bowl and don’t forget to make use of the amazing cold-pressed olive oil.

Fish4Ever Skipjack Tuna is now available for the first time in glass jars as well as the traditional cans.

The two varieties available in jar form are Skipjack Tuna Fillets in Brine and Skipjack Tuna Fillets in Organic Olive Oil.

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