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Toxic clothes

Government urged to ban sale of toxic, fur-trimmed children’s clothing
Toxic clothes Picture from MyGreenPod Sustainable News

A new study has been released that documents unsafe levels of potentially carcinogenic chemicals in fur-trimmed children’s clothing sold by brands including Canada Goose, Nickelson, Airforce and Woolrich.

In response, PETA has rushed a letter to Elizabeth Truss, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, urging her to take action to ban the sale of the material.

Paloma Faith on fur

See for yourself what life is like for animals on fur farms in Europe and around the globe, including countries that claim to have high welfare standards.

Toxic substances

The raccoon dog and coyote fur tested at the Bremer Umwelt Institute in Germany contained large amounts of toxic substances – particularly formaldehyde, which causes allergic reactions and is considered a carcinogen, and ethoxylates, which are known to be disruptive to hormone production and reproductive organs.

As PETA’s letter points out, with children’s health potentially at stake and the cruelty inherent in the fur industry, fur items should not be stocked on any shelf.

‘Because the fur trim on the jackets comes into direct contact with the face and because children are far more sensitive to harmful chemicals than adults are, it is deeply concerning that these chemicals may be absorbed into the bloodstream of a child’s still-developing body.

‘In addition to causing the suffering and deaths of the millions of animals who are trapped, gased, poisoned, drowned or electrocuted every year for the cruel fur trade, the toxic cocktail of hazardous chemicals used in the production and processing of furs to stop them from decomposing poses a very real threat to the health of those who wear them.’

Kirsty Henderson, PETA campaign coordinator

Click here to read the full study and results.

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