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Earth Hour 2019

Earth Hour 2019

Tonight, you can raise cash for WWF when you turn your lights out for Earth Hour.
Alexa, when should I charge the car?

‘Alexa, when should I charge the car?’

Octopus Energy integrates with Amazon Alexa to optimise smart home energy use.
United Utilities lit green

Manchester gives green light to renewables

Buildings across Greater Manchester light up green to launch clean energy offer.
BP's Canadian head office

BP and Trump

Revealed: BP lobbied the Trump administration to roll back key US climate rules.
A global energy marketplace

A global energy marketplace

This new platform will unlock renewable energy opportunities for corporate buyers.
Heroes of the Season, winter 2019

Top 5 winter switches 2019

Five simple switches that will set you up for a new start in spring, plus our MyGreenPod Heroes of the Season.

Octopus Energy

‘Leicester’s energy supplier’ is spearheading change in UK cities.
Green charging with the zappi

Green charging

This clever piece of kit can provide a green – and sometimes free – charge for your EV.
The Smart Export Guarantee

The Smart Export Guarantee

With the FiTs closing at the end of March, do you still have time to install solar – and what’s next if you don’t?
Google has committed to Asia’s first-ever solar power agreement

Solar-powered Google

Google has committed to Asia’s first-ever solar power agreement.
Illegal toxic waste dumped in in Vaca Muerta

Toxic fracking waste dumped

Greenpeace investigation reveals Shell, Total, and other oil majors using illegal toxic waste dumps in Patagonia.
Ethical market now worth £83.3bn

Ethical market now worth £83.3bn

Young, environmentally aware consumers are helping to drive a remarkable increase in consumer spend across key ethical sectors.
How can individuals change the world?

How can individuals change the world?

At the People Powering Spirited Business event, ethical business pioneers were quizzed on love, daily practices, Trump and Brexit – all over a G&T.
Heroes of the season – autumn '18

Top 5 autumn switches 2018

Five simple switches that will set you up for Christmas and beyond, plus our MyGreenPod Heroes of the Season.
Switching to an EV just got a lot easier

The simple EV switch

Octopus Electric Vehicles has everything you need to unlock your electric future.
The People Powering Spirited Business

The People Powering Spirited Business

Get up close and personal with a host of superstar speakers at this festive celebration of unity.
Fracking plans are 'unacceptable'

Fracking plans are ‘unacceptable’

Environmental heavyweights call on the government to drop plans to fast-track fracking.
A greener White Rose

A greener White Rose

UK retail’s largest solar energy installation leads to 22% decrease in National Grid electricity at White Rose in Leeds.
Fracking_Police Picture from MyGreenPod Sustainable News

Fracking and earthquakes

Green MEP supports leading earthquake experts' call for an oil and gas drilling moratorium in South East.
Soreang Bandung, West Java / Indonesia - June 28, 2018: Aerial View of Si Jalak Harupat Football / Soccer Stadium in the Morning with Blue Sky, Official Venue Asian Games 2018

Hydrogen in South Sumatra

UK company lands 25-year deal to deliver clean energy infrastructure throughout South Sumatra.