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  • A beautiful structure combining art and science
  • Manufactured by experts with nearly 50 years of engineering experience
  • Built from the best materials
  • Covers last for five years, 10 years or 50 years
  • Modular design allows you to connect two or more Biodomes together
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Category: Garden

Biodome believes that people deserve the best in all aspects of their lives – be it in the energy they use, the food they eat or the things they learn. It just happens to build all of that and more into is Biodome System. Order a free brochure to find out how, or pre-order now and start expanding your world today.

With 322 square feet of internal floor space and an 18ft diameter, Biodome has enough floor space for 30 people. With a height in the centre of 9ft, ample space is provided for the growth of larger plants and small trees. The 18ft Biodome requires no planning permission to install and can be assembled on site in a day. Multiple Biodomes can be interconnected to provide additional space. It provides a perfect space for creating a closed loop ecosystem. Biodome uses an innovative space frame system, and is stronger yet lighter than a conventional structure of the same size.

The Biodome system is designed as a sphere as this is the most efficient shape to enclose a given volume. In turn, this creates a climate which is 30% easier to regulate and control than a rectangular structure. Upgrade to a solar powered, computer controlled garden or rainforest to truly let your inner eco-warrior free.

  • 18ft in diameter
  • 9ft tall
  • 322 square feet of usable floor area
  • Available in 2”x1” treated pine or 25mm galvanised steel tube
  • Designed to withstand the highest wind speeds and snow load