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Carbon Gold Soil Improver

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  • Biochar-based Soil Improver
  • Soil Association approved for organic growing in all soil types
  • Retains moisture, holds on to nutrients and increases root development
  • For more resilient plants and improved yields
  • Reduces your footprint by locking carbon into your soil
Find Out More About Carbon Gold Soil Improver

Carbon Gold GroChar Soil Improver is a dry, black, powdery substance. It is a blend of biochar (produced by kiln-charring woody waste in a process called pyrolysis), mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed and wormcasts.

It can be added straight to the soil, mixed with potting compost or dusted onto the roots of seedlings to increase nutrient uptake and soil water retention.

Carbon Gold Soil Improver is popular with amateur and professional gardeners keen to grow strong plants and cut their carbon footprint.

It is produced from recycled woody waste, in a carbon-capturing process called pyrolysis – locking carbon into your soil instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.

Biochar benefits soil health and plant growth in several ways. It holds on to nutrients, preventing them from leaching away and making them available to plants; its microscopic honeycomb-like structure provides a home for mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial microbes to grow and flourish, which leads to strong root development and increases disease resistance; and the porosity of biochar improves soil structure and reduces the need to water.

The outcome is stronger, faster-growing plants producing more of your five-a-day.

GroChar Soil Improver is available in a variety of sizes – from 1kg tubes to 20kg bags – with prices starting at £6.99