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Natural Solid Deodorant Bars

Pit-Tastic natural deodorant
  • Amazing natural fragrances that keep your underarms smelling
    fresh all day
  • 100% plastic free and fully biodegradable – from wrapper to
  • Ethically sourced with sustainable ingredients
  • No aluminium, parabens or palm oil
  • 60g min weight, lasts for 4 months’ use for great

This unique natural, solid deodorant bar gives all the freshness of a deodorant with absolutely zero waste for the environment.

The bar is hand formulated to glide on, nourishing the skin while keeping odour at bay.

Pit-Tastic! tries to formulate its deodorant to get the best cost for you. These deodorant bars last for four months, beating the everyday supermarket brands in economy – without any aluminium or parabens to boot.

We’re all unique so Pit-Tastic! has developed a that range caters for all pits: Standard, Sensitive and Vegan options mean we can all be niff free!

Pit-Tastic! has found that bodies and odours vary, so it has created four options that cover ethical desires and skin types – and essentially to ensure they work to eliminate underarm odour.

The ingredients are ethically sourced and expertly balanced to maintain the solidity of the bar.

Orange & Grapefruit: Tangy, zesty and mouth-watering

Lemon & Lime: Zingy, luscious, tart fragrance making any day a sunny one.

Rose & YlangYlang: Beautifully floral, aromatic fragrance to uplift your day.

Lime & Teatree: Earthy, fresh and invigorating.

Hand-blended with 100% natural oil blends and zero synthetic fragrances.

Standard‘ formulation; Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Bicarbonate of Soda and essential oils in the four-fragrance range.

Sensitive‘ is the same but replaces Bicarbonate of Soda with Arrowroot.

Vegan‘ replaces the Beeswax with Sunflower wax.

The Pit-Tastic! bars are a minimum economical weight of 60g.

Pit-Tastic! is totally committed to keeping the planet green, clean and reducing parabens on our bodies. The Pit-Tastic! wrapper is food grade with natural inks. Postage packing is recycled and the bar can be composted, however you should be able to use it all up completely!

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