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Shui Me Reed Diffuser Range

Luxury reed diffusers, made from 100% organic essential oils using only natural ingredients

  • Reed diffusers made with 100% pure organic essential oils.
  • Made with an alcohol-free base oil derived from sustainable sources.
  • Lifespan of around four months – twice as long as other leading alcohol-based reed diffusers.
  • Luxurious therapeutic aroma – pure, clean and untainted.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Shui Me has won multiple awards for its range of luxury reed diffusers, made from 100% organic essential oils using only natural ingredients with no alcohol, additives or synthetic fragrances.

Here’s where the art of aromatherapy meets the harmonising intentions of Feng Shui. Shui Me diffusers don’t just smell like heaven – once infused into your living space their natural aromas are set to work in support of your wellbeing. Each one designed for a particular room to bring tranquility, find stillness, embrace positive energy or regain balance, just choose from their range of diffusers.

A unique formula gives the reed diffusers a purer, more intense aroma and longer lifespan, in comparison to alcohol based reed diffusers. Created to bring a luxury spa experience into the comfort of your own home, each therapeutic blend supports a different aspect of your wellbeing.

Shui Me Relax
Find comfort in Nature’s most soothing plants and flowers. The Relax Reed Diffuser combines the loving care of lavender, the light touch of ylang ylang and the aromatic embrace of petitgrain. The perfect recipe for tranquility. It brings you a harmonious blend of 25% pure organic essential oils that are designed to soothe. Relax may help you to let go of physical tension and find calm when you’re nervous or stressed. An aromatic comfort blanket, Relax aids deep sleep, making it perfect for your bedroom.

Awarded ‘Editor’s Choice’ Award in the 2017 Beauty Shortlist and ‘Finalist’ for Best Stress-Less Product in the 2017 Mama & Baby Awards

Shui Me Purity
Let the clean scent of Purity fill the air. Citronella, lemongrass and sweet basil help purge stale negativity, guiding you towards a clear and positive mindset. A burst of fresh citrus to unclutter your thoughts and sharpen your focus! Shui Me’s Purity Reed Diffuser delivers a refreshing blend of 25% pure organic essential oils, designed to cleanse and bring focus. Purity may help you to concentrate and feel more alert and confident. A clean burst of citrus, Purity combats odours, making it perfect for your bathroom. It’s also a natural yet effective way to ward off flies and insects.

Platinum Award Winner for ‘Best Natural Household Aroma’ at the 2016 Janey Loves Platinum Awards and Gold winner in the 2017 Platinum Awards

Shui Me Uplift
Bliss is merely a breath away. Inhale deep, and be lifted by Nature’s aromatic optimists. Rich cedarwood and bright bergamot are waiting to raise you up to a place of sunshine where your spirit can be free. Shui Me’s Uplift Reed Diffuser brings you a joyous blend of 25% pure organic essential oils, designed to raise your spirits. Uplift may help you to face life’s challenges with acceptance and achieve a more positive outlook. A true ray of sunshine, Uplift is perfect for your living room. Simply sink into the sofa after a challenging day, cast off your stress and say hello to a brighter mood.

Awarded ‘Finalist‘ in the 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards for ‘Best Home Fragrance Product’

Shui Me was also shortlisted in the 2017 Mama & Baby awards.

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