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The Conscious Parent Company

A website to help the eco-aware make considered choices for their families

  • Products that are organic, ethically sourced, eco-friendly and free from chemicals.
  • Helps parents tackle indoor air pollution, water wastage and plastic usage.
  • Products that offer a real alternative to the big brands’ offerings.
  • Dedicated to providing parents with advice that is soundly based on fact.

The Conscious Parent Company is a small website with big ideas for helping parents to source products that are kind to their children and the environment.

It contains a careful selection of products that combine practical solutions with an awareness of the world around us.

From nappies made with pulp from sustainable forestry and baby toiletries packed with organic ingredients through to water-saving bath barriers and cutting-edge indoor air purifiers, the aim is to help you create a healthy home in a healthy world.

You can even buy eco-disposable nappies in bulk packs to help reduce the carbon footprint of shipping individual packs.

The Conscious Parent Company also has a parenting blog jam-packed with information and tips on a wide range of parenting and environmental topics, so don’t forget to check that out.

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