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The Apple Tree Company Åkerö Tree


The Apple Tree Company Collection
The Apple Tree Company Åkerö Tree
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The Åkerö Tree, made from recycled and recyclable materials, would make a beautiful centrepiece for any room – at home or in the office. The statement piece is available in various sizes and is easy to move around.

Like all the pieces in the Åkerö collection, this stunning tree is made from recycled, ethically sourced materials that are fully recyclable and, in most cases, repulpable.

The Apple Tree Company uses a closed-cell fibreboard which is reconstituted from recycled post-consumer cardboard waste. It’s a dense core sandwiched between thick liner paper, making it suitable for load-bearing applications.

The closed-cell technique gives a perfectly balanced weight/strength ratio to position paper as a highly viable alternative to other materials for furniture design – with many other benefits, too.

This is a paper-based product and should be kept in dry conditions. If it comes into contact with water, wipe clean with a dry cloth. This product is 100% recyclable and can be recycled as corrugated material or as paper packaging.

  • Lightweight yet exceptionally strong furniture.
  • 100% recyclable as paper waste.
  • Protected from spills with an FSC-certified paper-based film.
  • Created using engineered rigid paperboard, made from 90% recycled material.
  • The Apple Tree Company’s main paperboard supplier is the first manufacturer in the world to independently measure its CO2 emissions.

Small Åkerö Tree: 838mm x 838mm x 882mm
Medium Åkerö Tree: 1396mm x 1396mm x 1471mm
Large Åkerö Tree: 2234mm x 2234mm x 2353mm

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