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Is sustainability spirituality?

Join us for a live webinar that will explore how we choose to live and why it matters
Jarvis Smith - My Green Pod
Is sustainability spirituality?

At 16.00 tomorrow (17 July), My Green Pod co-founder Jarvis Smith will host a live webinar to quiz pioneers in sustainability and conscious living on the human experience of the climate crisis.

Jarvis will ask whether sustainability is a spiritual issue, and whether nature and spirit are really the same thing.

The panel

In the hotseat(s) will be:

  • Adam Williams, CEO of Wherefrom
  • Jo Wood, organic lifestyle guru
  • Katie Hill, co-founder of My Green Pod
  • Monica Gonzalez, head of sustainability at Citrix
  • Rachel McClelland, CEO of PlanetSHINE
  • Stephanie Jordan, co-founder of Avallen
  • Tabitha James-Kraan, organic hair expert

Humanity rising

The webinar will be streamed live on the Ubiquity University site, plus its Youtube channel and Facebook page.

It’s part of a series of webinars titled Humanity Rising, which asks how we move beyond the pandemic and rebuild along the principles of sustainability and equality.

The idea for Humanity Rising only took shape in April, yet already it has over 435 speakers and over 290 participating organisations – with a reach through social media and memberships of over 10 million. It shows there is huge potential – and appetite – for us all to work together to find solutions.

The goal is to build a global coalition strong enough to transform the conversations into actions that will make a difference as the world makes critical decisions about the human future.

The Summit began on 22 May and will continue at the same time daily, between 08:00 and 10:00 AM Pacific/17:00 and 19:00 CET, as the pandemic unfolds.

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