Rens launches world’s first ‘coffee sneaker’, made from coffee and recycled plastic

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Published: 10 July 2019

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Rens has announced the launch of the world’s first ‘coffee sneaker’ on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Innovatively crafted from spent coffee grounds and recycled plastic, the sneaker is breathable, waterproof and sustainable.

Harnessing waste

Two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day and three million plastic bottles are bought every minute. Spent coffee grounds produce methane – a major contributor to climate change – and the world is drowning in plastic waste.

Frustrated by an unsustainable mainstream fashion industry, Rens decided to harness the power of waste – putting 21 cups of coffee and six plastic bottles into every pair of Rens.

‘For our generation’

Coming from Vietnam, both Rens founders have first-hand experience of the footwear industry’s environmental impact. ‘It’s unbelievable how giant companies churn out millions of unsustainable products, using unsustainable materials and doing very little to mitigate their impact’, says Rens CEO Jesse Tran.

Conversely, when looking for sustainable footwear, the founders found the options to be lacking.

‘Jesse and I are both young sneakerheads who are also concerned about the origin and impact of the shoes we wear. It felt like no one was making an eco-friendly option for us – for our generation. So, we decided to make one ourselves.’

Rens co-founder

The sneaker

Every pair of Rens has an upper made from a mixture of coffee yarn (from used coffee grounds) and recycled polyester (made with post-consumer plastic).

Each shoe also includes a coffee-infused inner lining designed with a breathable, ultra-lightweight material. 100% waterproof, the shoes adapt to your movements to provide all-day comfort.

Stylish and versatile, Rens sneakers can be worn on the train or on the mountain. What’s more, coffee’s natural antibacterial properties make Rens odour-resistant for their entire lifecycle.

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