Temple Of Incense Himalayan Spikenard Incense Sticks

Ethically sourced incense sticks that use top-quality oils and resins to calm and soothe

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  • A majestically spiritual incense blend.
  • Made naturally, with spikenard, bakhoor, musk, oak moss and vetiver.
  • Used to strengthen the mind and calm feelings of anger and anxiety.
  • Spikenard is also known to help with insomnia and restless sleep.
  • Where luxury meets wellbeing – a scent for both healing and opulence.

These incense sticks are fragranced with precious Himalayan oil infused with bakhoor, musk, oak moss and vetiver.

Spikenard is a divine incense with powerful historical and religious connotations.

In the Christian parable ‘Anointing of Jesus’, Mary Magdalene pours an expensive jar of perfume over Jesus – and the ingredient was Spikenard.

In biblical times, the expensive oil was worth a year’s wages.

This divine scent has been paired with other fragrances to create a stick that has real staying power.

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Use for a calming aromatherapy experience that can diffuse feelings of anger, jealousy and anxiety.

These sticks are an excellent aid for deep reflection during yoga or meditation. They may also help aid with restlessness and insomnia.

Each box contains 20 luxury Himalayan Spikenard incense sticks with a minimum burn time of 45 minutes per stick.

Ethically sourced from the best quality oils and resins and sustainable bamboo, and handmade with love.

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