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An online community that brings like-minded individuals together to share knowledge & collaborate on what matters to them

  • A digital network connecting individuals seeking to learn and develop knowledge.
  • The largest community explores environmental topics including sustainability, conservation and climate change.
  • Members find meaningful relationships which may not exist in existing circles.
  • Together, the communities engage in peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing.

WONDR is an online community with a difference. The platform brings people together who share similar interests, aspirations and ambitions. Through these connections, users can collaborate, crowdsource knowledge and learn with like-minded people.

WONDR is designed to help people share knowledge around topics they are passionate about and take action towards making a positive impact in their lives. WONDR’s users are currently showing the most interest in environmental subjects, such as sustainability, climate change and conservation. People can connect, join discussions and start project groups to collaborate around these topics.

By being a part of a rich community, you will witness the activity and aspirations of others with similar interests or career paths. This community experience motivates and inspires individuals to pursue their ambitions. The platform ultimately connects you with new communities that are difficult to find.

Create your profile outlining your interests such as “sustainability” to allow the platform to recommend new global networks of people and “projects” you can join.

-The network is purpose-built to foster collaboration. A key feature of WONDR is “projects”.
-You can collect insights on topics that matter to you, from renewable energy through to mitigating plastic pollution.
-You can build knowledge individually or invite people to crowdsource ideas together.

WONDR has strong cultural values at heart, where interactions are based on helpfulness which encourages more meaningful and considered content to be shared on the platform.

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