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Phaldut Sharma among celebrities who have designed T-shirts for trees
Phadult Sharma

Actor and writer Phaldut Sharma has joined a host of celebrities to gift designs for The Word Forest Organisation’s range of ethical T-shirts. Every T-shirt sold will plant a tree.

Phaldut is well known for his role as AJ, the cheeky trouble magnet brother of put-upon postman Masood Ahmed in Eastenders. He has also presented the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards

His other appearances have included roles in Spooks, Silent Witness, Life on Mars, Gavin & Stacey, The Office, Children Of Men, Hanna, The Accident and the films Gravity and A Gift from Bob.

Phaldut is currently starring as Ram Sidhu in the new series of Unforgotten on ITV. 


With a deep love and respect for the environment, Phaldut jumped at the chance to design something that reflects the importance of trees and taking care of the planet.

When asked if he could put his feelings into words, Phaldut shared this beautiful poem:

SYMBIOSIS: What they breathe out we breathe in,
What we breathe out they breathe in.

Oh my oxygen giving brethren,
For us you have always been rooting,
And now for you we do the same thing!

Celebrity designs

Alongside Phaldut’s design, the collection of six environmentally inspired T-shirts showcases artwork by Kate Winslet; the iconic children’s animated character Mr Benn (who turns 50 this year); Neighbours star Stefan Dennis, Private Eye cartoonist Tony Husband and TV weather presenter, meteorologist and the charity’s Patron, Clare Nasir. 

The designs are printed by Teemill, which manufactures T-shirts made from organic, natural materials, using renewable energy.

All Teemill products are designed from the start to be sent back when they are worn out. Teemill makes new products from the materials recovered, creating a circular supply chain.

T-shirts are produced in real time – seconds after they are ordered – in Teemill’s factory on the Isle of Wight. This allows Teemill to make only what people actually need, when they need it.

‘Our work is made possible by kindhearted people and corporate partners who believe in us and what we do. Despite the challenges we’ve been thrown our Team continues to work tirelessly to get more trees in the ground. Trees are the key to solving far more of the world’s problems than simply mitigating climate chaos. We can’t thank Phaldut and the celebri-tee-shirt designers enough for helping us at this critical time,’

CEO, The Word Forest Organisation

Planting and nurturing

To ensure the trees planted reach maturity and are looked after in their early days, The Word Forest Organisation supports the people who plant and nurture them in a variety of holistic ways.

They do their level best to ensure the forests are protected and sustained for the long term.

Phadult Sharma
Phadult Sharma with his T-shirt design

Trees in the tropics can grow up to 10 times faster than anywhere else on the planet, making them absolute beasts for drawing down and locking in CO2 and other pollutants.

The Word Forest Organisation is optimistic that all the Celebri-Tee designs will bring new eyes to the charity’s work and help to scale up its operation to reforest Kenya, which has been deeply wounded by the pandemic.

Trees in Kenya

Kenya is incredibly vulnerable to climate change. The current projections suggest that its temperature will rise by up to 2.5ºC between 2000 and 2050. This could render some areas entirely unsustainable for life.

At the other end of the weather scale, rainfall will become more intense and be far less predictable. Extreme weather conditions – including record-breaking heat, drought and flooding – are changing this tropical landscape as desertification continues to creep in and make its presence felt.

Planting trees in Kenya – en masse – is one of the only ways we’re going to be able to mitigate disasters related to extreme weather.

The tropical conditions, at 3 degrees south of the equator, help the trees grow up to 10 times faster than anywhere else on the planet.

In a short number of years, each new tree planted will have absorbed around a quarter of a tonne of CO2 and other pollutants from the atmosphere, subsequently cleaning the air we breathe all over the world.

Click here to take a look at the Celebri-Tee collection.

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