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Down to Earth screening

What's it really like to take your kids out of school, travel the world and live with shamans? Find out at this pre-premiere screening event
Down to Earth

The UK public is being given a chance to attend a pre-premiere event for Down to Earth two and a half months ahead of the documentary’s UK release.

As well as watching a screening of the film, the audience will be given an opportunity to talk to the filmmakers, artist Renata Heinen and leadership consultant Rolf Winters. You’ll be able to ask the London couple questions about their journey and find out about their experiences of recording the wisdom of Earth Keepers around the world.

The journey of a lifetime

Renata and Rolf spent five years travelling across five continents with their three young children. They were in search of a new perspective on life, and lived with some of the planet’s oldest indigenous communities in their quest to find it.

The film brings viewers face to face with tribal leaders and shamans, many of whom have never been filmed or interviewed before. From the heart of the Amazon to the jungles of India, and from the Australian outback to the Kalahari Desert, they encounter people who survive in harmony with the seasons and the planet.

When Renata and Rolf realised that tribal elders have a source of wisdom that could be hugely beneficial to the modern world, they joined the dots between different societies and viewpoints. Travelling with just one bag and a camera each, they searched for pivotal figures they describe as ‘Keepers of the Earth’.

The wisdom of Earth Keepers

The family had no agenda other than to listen to the wisdom these Earth Keepers had to impart: their outlooks on modern civilisation and the need for change. The result is an award-winning, record-breaking documentary that is visually stunning and emotionally uplifting.

In association with, the unique screening will let you be first to see the award-winning film in the UK, and at the same time meet like-minded people who connect with the values of Down to Earth and want to be part of something bigger.

‘Becoming parents made us look differently at the world and our own role in it. I didn’t want my children to become a product of our system and the urge grew to break away, to lead a more pure way of life.’

Down to Earth filmmaker

Event details

Down to Earth UK pre-premiere event with filmmakers
Saturday 23 June, 11:45-14:15
Picturehouse Central, Piccadilly, London W1D 7DH

Click here for tickets and more information about the pre-premiere event.

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