NATorigin Lengthening Mascara

Hypoallergenic, high performance mascara with a natural formulation specifically designed to strengthen & lengthen eyelashes

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  • Lengthens and strengthens your lashes.
  • Very comfortable to wear, with 98.5% natural ingredients.
  • Rich in Arctic raspberry seed oil, extracts of red algae, shea butter and jojoba oil.
  • For dry, sensitive eyes, blepharitis sufferers and wearers of contact lenses.
  • Allergy UK approved.

Rich in oil extracted from the seeds of organic Arctic raspberries, it has a high concentration of vitamin E and essential fatty acids with anti-inflammatory, nourishing and hydrating properties (omega 3, omega 6, omega 9). Other ingredients include extracts of red algae, providing a high level of biologically active silicium, plus organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil.

These rich moisturisers ensure the mascara glides on effortlessly, separating and lengthening the lashes. Formulated according to the principles of bio-inertia to reduce the risk of a reaction, this mascara can be recommended for even the most sensitive eyes, allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers. In fact, NATorigin is approved by Allergy UK to be beneficial for allergy sufferers. This mascara was developed in France by pharmacists alongside allergy specialists and dermatologists to help women who are unable to wear cosmetics, particularly mascara, due to allergy or intolerance.

Nature, femininity, beauty and purity

Rich in natural ingredients, NATorigin Lengthening Mascara contains 98.5% naturally sourced ingredients either from organic farming, agriculture, plant or marine environments. NATorigin uses several unique anti-ageing ingredients, which combine the riches of the oceans with the biodiversity of the Arctic region, to help you look good naturally.

It’s available in the following colours: black, brown, green, blue, ultramarine and anthracite.

It is animal-free, cruelty-free and free from many potentially harmful ingredients, such as petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, sodium laureth sulphate, mineral oils and silicon.

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