Amathilde is an elegant & beautiful shawl made with 100% baby alpaca fibres from Patagonia & the Greater Andean Region

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  • Made with natural fibres from Patagonia and the Greater Andean Region.
  • Created using traditional techniques inherited from Andean villagers.
  • Excellent handloom and thread quality.
  • Integrates ancestral techniques with a contemporary design aesthetic.
  • Made with 100% baby alpaca fibres.

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To create these pieces, Animaná works with communities of organised and empowered Andean villagers who use the traditional techniques they inherited from both their cultural legacies and their elders.

Supported and guided by professional teams in the areas of design, production, management and quality control, the artisans achieve an excellent handloom and thread quality. International designers are invited to assist in recovering the integrity of the ancestral techniques, while also keeping contemporary design aesthetics in mind.

The dimensions of the Amathilde shawl are 213cm x 80cm or 84″ x 32″.

It comes in grey (most of the shawl is light grey with a smaller section in a darker grey)

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