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THTC ethical T-shirt

THTC Clothing believes that everything it makes should benefit the people, society & environment that helped to create the clothes

  • Organically grown.
  • Ethically built.
  • Free from animal cruelty.
  • Made with sustainably sourced hemp and organic cotton.
  • Socially conscious artwork from some of the world’s most notorious urban artists.

What if your T-shirt could save the world?

All of its clothing is organically grown and ethically built from hemp and organic cotton. Hemp uses a fraction of the water required by conventional cotton and needs none of the pesticides.

THTC’s garment workers are paid living wages – or better – in their respective countries, helping build and maintain strong communities that are free from the cycle of labour exploitation.

Most of THTC’s 150 designs are printed with water-based inks, free from petroleum-based plastics. This means that the majority of its garments can actually be recycled, and many of THTC’s collections directly support charitable partners. World Land Trust, for example, receives 15% of every ‘King David’ design THTC’s sell, which helps to safeguard endangered habitats across the world.

So yes, your T-shirt can indeed save the world.

THTC also produces private label ranges for organisations looking to make their own sustainable merchandise or uniform, and provides eco-consultancy services for green and ‘slow’ fashion startups.

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