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Where Does It Come From? Ethical scarves

Ethical & fully traceable scarves made from 100% handwoven khadi cotton

  • Carbon free, low water production, eco-friendly dyes, fairly traded and plastic free.
  • Large and versatile, measuring 2 metres by 45cm.
  • Currently 19 unique designs, including bees, ants, flowers, elephants, moose, mindful words, teapots, tigers and tortoises.
  • Wide range of colours – white, red, blue, green, peach, yellow, pink and purple.

How were my clothes made? Who made them – and were they fairly treated? Is the environment being harmed? The label on each item from Where Does It Come From? carries a code that lets you find the answers to these questions.

Visit the ethical fashion brand’s Trace Your Garment page, type in the garment code and all is revealed. You’ll see exactly how cotton growing in a field was transformed into the clothes that you own today, and you’ll get to know the people involved, too.

These beautiful, ethical scarves have been created by hand, from the spinning of the cotton to the hand printing of the unique designs. This means that each one is a little different – you can see where the weaver tied their next thread or when the printer applied more colour to their block. This is the beauty of the cloth – it tells a story.

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