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Alfred Sargent luxury gents’ shoes

Alfred Sargent has been synonymous with quality English shoemaking since 1899

  • Alfred Sargent’s Exclusive Collection, ‘Moore’.
  • Adelaide Punch Cap Oxford with a chisel toe in Cherry Calf Leather.
  • Sole material is English oak bark tanned leather, that is closed channeled stitched (the Goodyear welt stitching is enclosed in the sole).
  • The Goodyear welt allows the sole to be replaced several times over, so a well maintained pair of shoes can literally last a lifetime.

The handcrafted Goodyear welted footwear is crafted to impeccable standards using only the finest materials.

A Fine Pair of Shoes is owned and run by Julian & Sarah Nelson. Having sold high quality shoes and polishes to customers all over the world, it has built up an excellent reputation for putting its customers first and making sure everything that leaves the business is checked, prepared and then carefully packaged before being sent quickly to customers. The company has built up an excellent business relationship with Alfred Sargent over the years, and is the official retailer of the entire range.

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