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EquiRex Ultra Light Recycle Jacket

This ultra-light, all-season jacket provides you with comfortable warmth without feeling bulky

  • High-tech Eco-circle recycled poly shell with a washable wool filling.
  • Ultrasonic laser details, no needle and thread used.
  • Hidden pockets with invisible zippers.
  • Pre-shaped arms for extra freedom of movement.
  • Made in Europe. LIMITED EDITION.

Did you ever see more stylish recycled soda bottles?

The temperature regulating properties of the wool filling will keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when temperatures are rising. As with all garments from the EquiRex collection, it is designed to let you move freely and feel comfortable on or off the horse. Whether you wear it to go horse riding or –if you are not a horsey person – just to go to town: this is your ultimate HERO jacket.


Shell: 100% ECO-circle recycled polyester (PET)
Filling: 88% virgin wool, 12% PLA (a polylactid out of corn)

Available colours: Berry, Shale Brown, Navy Blue
Sizing: XS, S, M, L, XL

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