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Po-Zu ‘Brisk’ Sneaker

An ethical shoe brand pioneer, producing footwear in the best interest of humanity & offering maximum comfort with minimum waste

  • A range of cool colours and natural materials.
  • Stitched for durability and to avoid harmful glues.
  • Coir foot mattress moulds to the shape of your foot.
  • Available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Po-Zu’s unique coconut husk Foot Mattress™ reacts to your weight, heat and foot movement, allowing the coir fibre to gently form itself around the shape of your foot, alleviating pressure points and maximising support.

The biomimicry design is based on the coconut husk’s natural shock absorber property which softens the impact when the coconut falls from the tree, just as Po-Zu’s shoes soften the impact of your feet on the ground.

These urban cool sneakers deliver sporty styling and feature Po-Zu’s distinctive embroidered cropped butterfly logo.

Available in two material options: organic cotton canvas & vegetable tanned suede or chrome-free leather & suede, providing great climate control, breathability and insulation.



  • Organic Cotton Canvas & Vegetable Tanned Suede
 or Chrome-free Leather & Vegetable Tanned Suede


  • Organic Cotton Canvas
 or Chrome-free Leather


  • Chrome-free Suede
 or Vegetable Tanned Suede


  • 60% Coconut Husk, 40% Natural Latex
  • 12mm thick
  • Moulds to your foot shape
  • Highly breathable to keep your feet dry
  • Provides good insulation

Natural Latex with Butterfly Suspension Mechanism


Aqua-Blue / Black-Grey / Blue-White / Brown-Beige / Brown-Green / Natural-Black / Natural-Blue / Natural-Red / Red-Green / Red-Orange / Red-White


  • Men’s: UK 7 – UK 12 / EU 41 – EU 46
  • Women’s: UK 3 – UK 8 / EU 36 – EU 41

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