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Atlantic Distillery Ring of Fire Organic Chilli Gin

Sustainably sourced Ring of Fire Chilli lends unique & complex flavour to this organic gin

  • Intriguing and adventurous – yet warmingly moreish!
  • Big spice heat when neat or beautifully tempered with a ginger ale.
  • Slow, soft, pot-distilled gin created in a traditional copper.
  • Own-grown botanicals, including the chilli in each bottle.
  • Soil Association certified organic and vegan

Ring of Fire Organic Chilli Gin is one of those drinks that is very hard not to try, either out of enthusiasm or curiosity. First-time tasters have been wowed by its unique combination of spice and depth of flavour, its balanced supportive baseline and soaring top notes. The distillery’s homegrown organic Ring of Fire chillies leave you in no doubt what this gin’s all about, but it’s the attention paid to quality and provenance that makes it a premium gin.

An underlying ethos permeates all Atlantic Distillery’s gins. Organic ingredients, chosen to balance and complement, are sustainably sourced or grown on the distillery’s SA certified smallholding. Spent ingredients are composted on site, where green energy and purified water are produced to minimise environmental impact.

Ring of Fire Organic Chilli Gin is named after the variety of chilli pepper in each bottle. It’s a hot cayenne pepper with loads of flavour, which has always grown at the Atlantic Distillery smallholding.

Ring of Fire was conceived for a local chilli festival fundraiser, where it was extremely well received. Its continued fast-growing popularity has made it a mainstay of Atlantic’s gin portfolio. Lime and some blackcurrants lend a touch of citrus and companion sweet sharpness. It is loved neat by chilli hotheads, is wonderful long with a ginger ale and sublime in a Red Snapper.

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