Briiv Air Filter

This completely natural air filter does the work of 3,043 medium-sized houseplants

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • An air filter that’s as powerful as 3,043 medium-sized houseplants.
  • Uses 100% renewable and natural materials, including moss and coconut.
  • Winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award 2021 & A’ Design Awards 2021.
  • Zero maintenance, with no watering required.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for easy integration into your smart home.

Briiv air filters clean the air in your home or office environment using entirely renewable and natural materials, creating clean air that is safe for you and the planet.

There are various speeds and settings to choose from that are customisable to best fit your space and surroundings.

The one-hour mode cleans the air in a 6m2 room in just one hour.

Briiv has a simple, user-friendly app that makes it easy to regulate your air filter remotely, while also keeping track of when it needs replacing.

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Recognised by some of the world’s most foremost design experts, the Briiv air filter has received The Red Dot Award 2021 for Product Design, A’ Design Gold Award and Wired’s ‘Gear of the Year’ titles.

Costing on average just £2 a year to run, Briiv is extremely energy efficient – which is good for your wallet and the planet.

The Briiv unit measures 8.6” x 6.3” and weighs just 1.9lbs. It comes with a Type-B USB cable (5ft) and a wall plug, making it perfectly portable.

Born and built in Leeds, the Briiv air filter uses moss, coconut and a bespoke-built silk matrix combination filter, all of which are 100% biodegradable and free from polluting plastics.

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