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ChicP Beetroot and Horseradish Hummus

Delicious & healthy dips made from veg that would otherwise go to waste

  • ChicP works with British farmers to transform excess, surplus or ‘wonky’ vegetables into delicious dips.
  • Customers are educated about food waste and how to eat more sustainably, including the importance of plant-based foods and encouraging less meat consumption.
  • Healthier, with 30% raw vegetables and superfoods (root ginger, root turmeric).
  • Innovative, natural and delicious flavour. High quality and made in London.

Beetroot has incredible health benefits; it is rich in fibre, iron, magnesium AND vitamin C.

The more beetroot ChicP sells, the closer it gets to building the infrastructure and cleaning processes needed for its Ipswichian Farmer. This helps to combat the issue of vegetables not being cleaned to BRC standards (which is what causes a huge amount of waste!).

Each pot of hummus costs just £2.49 and is available on our marketplace – excellent taste and quality for unbeatable value!

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