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Puro Fairtrade Coffee

Every kilo of this Fairtrade and organic coffee sold protects 20m² of rainforest

Puro Coffee Product Shot
  • Certified Fairtrade coffee, grown at Puro’s farm in Honduras
  • Every kilo of Puro coffee sold has protected 20m² of rainforest
  • Composted coffee fruit is returned to the soil to provide all the nutrition required
  • 2% of Puro coffee sales fund conservation in coffee-producing countries
  • All remaining CO2 emissions are offset through a REDD+ project that protects standing forests

Puro’s mission is to better align coffee with community, conservation and climate – or ‘the three Cs’, as they are known internally.

Puro’s conscious that when we disturb one C, the rest are thrown out of balance.

Averaged out over the last 16 years, every kilo of Puro coffee sold has protected 20m² of rainforest that has been threatened in coffee-producing countries. These rainforests are home to hundreds of endangered species, vital water sources and indigenous communities.

It’s all been possible thanks to an exclusive relationship with World Land Trust, the UK-based land conservation charity of which Sir David Attenborough is a patron.

This relationship sees money from the sale of every bag of Puro coffee directed into funding conservation in coffee-producing countries.

Puro’s rainforest reserves now span more than 430km² (surpassing the combined size of the UK’s 100 largest natural parks), preserving pockets of nature within all countries from which Puro coffee is sourced.

Some might say honouring indigenous principles of giving back to the Earth and protecting it for the next seven generations.

Puro’s commitment to conservation has led three species previously unknown to science – an orchid, a frog and a tree – to be named after the coffee company.

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