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Aura-Soma Full Set 20ml Air Conditioners (10x20ml)


Aura-Soma Full Set 20ml Air Conditioners (10x20ml)


Product description

The Aura-Soma 20ml Air Conditioners feature 5 Pomander and 5 Quintessence atmospheric formulas in violet glass bottles with a non-propellant pump spray.

Aura-Soma Pomanders are used to cleanse and refresh the energetic system. Their vibrational qualities act to re-energise, strengthen and protect the aura, empowering you and elevating your consciousness. The human energy field can become depleted from day to day life and Pomanders serve to restore balance. In addition these precious infusions can be effectively used as a means to focus intent in your everyday.

The Quintessences work within the astral and etheric levels of the auric field. They help to invoke higher states of consciousness into our personal energies, activities and projects. Each Quintessence formula represents the energetic essence – or colour ray – of a particular Ascended Master.



  • Original White
  • Deep Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green


  • El Morya
  • Lady Nada
  • Serapis Bey
  • St Germain
  • Orion & Angelica
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